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KOA Holiday is a worthwhile destination in Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay and offers the best camping experience in the great outdoors. Whether you want to spend a themed weekend with special activities, take a walk on the beach, relax on a campsite or explore all the sights and activities in and around Santa Cruz, KOA has it all. You can park your camper, pitch a tent, rent a classic Airstream camper and head out to explore sunny California. Find a camper van in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose or San Diego and compare deals to find the cheapest price for your next trip to the Bay Area or Pacific Northwest.

Farms, beaches and diverse landscapes make your stay in Watsonville pleasant and enjoyable. Endless miles of beaches on the Central Coast are easily accessible and You can enjoy everything while you are there, with plenty of opportunities for camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking and more.

I love the bay while I enjoy the Santa Cruz boardwalk and am amazed at Natural Bridges State Beach. You can also enjoy the beautiful views of San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay while being impressed by the natural bridges and the beach of the state.

Part of the Monterey Bay coastline is bordered by the Pajaro Valley, the Santa Cruz River and the San Lorenzo River. This includes a campsite that can be set up on the top of Madonna Mountain, which can be seen from the top of Madonna Mountain and from Diablo, as well as from some other peaks.

Like neighboring Salinas in Monterey County, Watsonville produces most of its food and beverage, as well as a large number of agricultural products. It offers access to a wide range of foods, from fresh fruit and vegetables to meat and dairy products and seafood.

The city of Watsonville has a habitat area that supports the endangered species Santa Cruz Tarweed in California's coastal prairie ecosystem. Most of the coastal land bordering Toatsonville is under the California Coastal Protection and Administrative District (CPD), a designation that former Congressman Leon Panetta favors.

Once in Watsonville, the city is located on a 1.5 km stretch of the Santa Cruz Coast Highway that runs between the San Lorenzo River and the Pacific Ocean. Most people stop for lunch, but you will pause for an hour to relax and explore the area at your own pace. A more dramatic approach is to meander through the prairie on the coast to the northern and southern end of the city on the west side of Toatsonville.

Santa Cruz has many other outdoor activities to try, but there are definitely some of the most popular, such as the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and many more.

Visit local events, go wine and beer tasting, see whales, see sequoias, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Santa Cruz Beach Promenade and more. Take a day trip to one of the many beaches in the Bay Area, such as San Francisco Bay, or visit a local museum, art gallery, museum or local history museum.

Find the best deals at the local flea markets, savings shops, grocery stores and other local shops, as well as in local restaurants.

Find the best deals at local flea markets, savings banks, grocery stores and other local shops, as well as in local restaurants. Find out more about the most popular restaurants and hotels in Watsonville, California on Tripadvisor. Find out more about the cheapest hotels and restaurants in the city and more information about local hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

Find out about the best deals at local flea markets, savings banks, grocery stores and other local shops, as well as in local restaurants. For more information about local hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment in Watsonville, California, visit Tripadvisor. What to see in the Santa Cruz area: Find out about campsites, hotels and campsites in the city and the most popular places for hiking, camping, cycling and fishing.

Stroll through the towering sequoia trees and enjoy the tranquility of the ancient California forests or visit one of the state's most popular hiking trails, such as the Redwood Trail.

Drive past strawberry fields and discover the open sand and surf trails that make up Watsonville's Sunset State Beach. The secluded, wide sandy coastline surrounded by high sand dunes makes this beach one of the least crowded in Santa Cruz County. Less known, but a favorite of locals for years, Manresa State beach is another favorite of locals. Every public beach in Atsonville has a beach, and some of them even have their own names, such as Santa Rosa Beach or San Luis Obispo Beach.

Manresa State Beach is the only state-protected beach in Santa Cruz County and one of the state's most popular state-protected beaches. The guitar set on the back is a guitar full of koa constructions, accentuated by a red and white koa tree that seems to disappear into the sand at the end of a long stretch of sand dunes on the beach. There are a number of campsites and RV parks that offer electric services on site, as well as more cabins and camping cabins. In addition to campsites, tents and cabins, KOA SantaCruz offers a variety of retro family-friendly amusements within walking distance of Manresa State Beach, including the Guitar Club and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the Main Entrance on Main Street and the Rock'n'Roll Club behind. Santa Cruz's North CostanoaKOA is an eco-adventure resort designed to encourage guests to explore the breathtaking beauty of California's protected coastline.

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More About Watsonville