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The beach community of the same name has an address in Watsonville, but is part of the unincorporated Santa Cruz County. Located a few minutes drive from San Andreas Road (which includes the road), near the intersection of North Costanoa Road and WatsonVILLE, CA, this great campsite is right next to the beach. The KOA was created as a place to escape the chaos of everyday life for a quiet, peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Between Santa Cruz and Monterey is a 31-mile stretch of sandy coastline interrupted only by a rare waterway that can easily become one of the most scenic spots in the state (see map). This campsite is a great place for a day trip or a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Watsonville.

North of Aptos is Monterey, the nearest KOA to Santa Cruz (click on the button to view the map). Take a 12-minute drive to the south end of town, stop briefly at KOa and then stay for 1 hour, then drive the 12 minutes back to Watsonville and stay at the same campsite for 2 hours.

Give a Watsonville company 21,000 SF for rent and 1,500 SF for food, water and other essentials.

The Historical Association of the Pajaro Valley is managed by the Historical Society of the Santa Cruz County, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. To rent more unique hangars and aircraft in Watsonville, please contact us. We leave a link to find out more about the Watson County Museum of Natural History's Get-a-Review program. Get a free copy of "Watsonville Undefined," available on Amazon, and find it for $1,000 a month for a limited time only on the museum's website (You can't get it online).

The Santa Cruz Natural History Museum is located in the heart of the Pajaro Valley, just a few blocks from downtown Watsonville. If you're looking for camping and glamping in Ventura County, consider KOA Ventura Ranch. There are several hotels and motels available for rent on the property, and nearby you can find more information at the Kool - A - Marts, Ventura Resort & Spa, or the Santa Clara County Convention & Visitors Bureau (1 - 888 - 762 - 5555).

The Natural History Museum of Santa Cruz, affectionately known by locals as the Whale Museum, was founded as one of the earliest museums in the state of California. In a restored mud bath, the exhibition presents exhibits on the history of local surfing from the early days of surfing to modern times. The three Hawaiian princes surfed the waves, becoming the first person to be introduced to board surfing on a mainland United States.

Make sure you can share your story with the Santa Cruz County Museum of Natural History and History Museum and stop by and visit.

If you want to talk about taxidermy, you should definitely visit the Museum of the Macabre, where you can experience the taxidermy process first hand. Although I would like to end with a feeling - a good conclusion to this pop-up museum - it would be a disservice not to raise awareness of the events that uncover a rich history that deserves more attention. That is what Santa Cruz is all about, and the work does much to stimulate a critical analysis of museums.

Get a GPS, Google Maps or any other service that can give you information about the best places in Santa Cruz County or even the entire state of California.

Find open maps and include a map rating that leads to the best places to camp in Santa Cruz County or even throughout the state of California. Campsites: Find campsites with a link to an open map and a list of their amenities and amenities.

You must find your way to the Santa Cruz County Museum of Natural History website to get more information about the museum and its activities.

Monterey KOA Holiday offers some of the best camping experiences in the great outdoors. Each stop gives you 1 hour to explore the area and relax and explore at your own pace. Entertainment options include KOAs in Santa Cruz and throughout Monterey Bay, and some are filled to the roar.

Return to Santa Cruz and Monterey on July 4 and plan to make this a new family tradition. Visit the Santa Barbara County Natural History Museum, Montessori School and San Francisco Bay Aquarium, attend local events, go wine and beer tasting, whale watching, sequoia, or visit the California State Museum, Santa Clara County Historical Society, California Historical Park and more. Enjoy the tranquillity of the ancient California forests and stroll through the towering sequoias. Turn the fun into a day of family fun by enjoying camping and camping in SantaCruz, one of the most beautiful and scenic spots in California, overlooking Santa Rosa Bay.

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More About Watsonville